Kyle Oman

Asst. Professor & Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow

I’m an Assistant Professor and Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellow at the Institute for Computational Cosmology in Durham, UK. In my main line of research, I work at the interface of cosmological hydrodynamical galaxy formation simulations and large 21‑cm radio surveys to study the dark matter content and structure of galaxies. I also occasionally work on galaxy formation and evolution (especially of satellites in groups and clusters), weak gravitational lensing, and Galactic archaeology. I like to do a bit of data visualisation when I can find the time, and try to make useful contributions to open-source code. I have a public tool for making mock 21‑cm observations of simulated galaxies:

selected publications


  1. The many reasons that the rotation curves of low-mass galaxies can fail as tracers of their matter distributions
    Eleanor R. Downing, and Kyle A. Oman
    (2023) MNRAS 522 3318
  2. The diversity of rotation curves of simulated galaxies with cusps and cores
    Finn A. Roper, Kyle A. OmanCarlos S. Frenk, and 3 more authors
    (2023) MNRAS 521 1316


  1. A homogeneous measurement of the delay between the onsets of gas stripping and star formation quenching in satellite galaxies of groups and clusters
    Kyle A. OmanYannick M. Bahé, Julia Healy, and 3 more authors
    (2021) MNRAS 501 5073


  1. Baryonic clues to the puzzling diversity of dwarf galaxy rotation curves
    Isabel M. E. Santos-Santos, Julio F. Navarro, Andrew Robertson, and 7 more authors
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  1. Non-circular motions and the diversity of dwarf galaxy rotation curves
    Kyle A. OmanAntonino MarascoJulio F. Navarro, and 3 more authors
    (2019) MNRAS 482 821


  1. The unexpected diversity of dwarf galaxy rotation curves
    Kyle A. OmanJulio F. NavarroAzadeh Fattahi, and 9 more authors
    (2015) MNRAS 452 3650